7 Weeks Running Challenge

7 Weeks Running Challenge

The team at iyarn has partnered with Step Up to give you the best insights into how to start your running journey. Are you ready to Step Up and change the way you approach your wellbeing?

Our 7 Week Challenge is designed for you to reflect, move and connect. Aimed at supporting and improving your mental and physical health, we here at Step Up can’t wait to get you started.

Whether you haven’t run in a few years, are getting back into the swing of things or just want to up your game when it comes to wellbeing, we can help.

Your New Wellbeing Routine

Over the next 7 weeks (and beyond) we will be providing you with resources, playlists and running sessions to help support your new wellbeing routine. So, what do you have to do?

Every time you get active over the next 7-weeks, you will follow a simple three-step process:

  1. Before you Exercise
    • Reflect on the Step Up app, answering a few simple questions we’ve developed to help you understand your wellbeing;
  2. Exercise Time
  3. After you Exercise
    • As part of your cool down, check in once more to reflect on how you feel.

Then, once a week you will receive a custom email that outlines three to four resources aimed at helping you progress your wellbeing journey.

In addition to this, after a few weeks of training with Step Up, we will send you some information about local running and outdoor activities you can take part in. These are great opportunities for you to meet new running buddies and get to know our coaches’ events better!

Your New Wellbeing Coaches

Step Up is designed to help you throughout your wellbeing journey and we’ve engaged a range of Coaches and Wellbeing Professionals to help provide you with some simple life hacks.

Meet Danny, Dec, and Sarah

Meet Lorraine

Step Up your wellbeing game

Here at Step Up, we want to help our community champion getting active! Through Step Up you can:

  • Track your physical and mental health;
  • See your progress over time to help understand your wellbeing;
  • Receive personalised physical and mental health resources;
  • Connect with social opportunities to meet new people and become more socially confident.

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