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Take a data-driven approach to managing relationships with iyarn

Set goals and priorities
Stay focused
Connect and improve
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Take a data-driven approach to managing relationships with iyarn.

iyarn’s online platform brings people together to understand, connect and share

Create regular check in routines to stay connected, engaged and focused on what matters most in your life, all in the one place


Set out your areas of focus, such as family, friends, work, self improvement or many others.


Check in on the segments and add notes.


Check the progress of each segment for yourself and all others you’ve asked for input.

Take Action

Track steps toward achievement for yourself and with others.


Use iyarn to connect with the many
important relationships in your life

  • Yourself Yourself
  • Friends Friends
  • Family Family
  • Colleagues Colleagues
  • Team mates Team mates
  • Community Community
Why Connection Matters

Why Connection Matters

Science indicates the best pathway to influence our happiness is to devote more time to building relationships. The human brain was wired to connect with others for survival and wellbeing. Connection with others is an active ingredient in how we feel and perform. Find out more in our feature articles on connection, friendship, self care, self improvement and mindfulness.

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How iyarn helps to improve people, teams and companies

Regular check-ins

iyarn’s check in is designed to be quick and easy. These check ins create a consistent conversation starter.

Track and improve

What gets measured, gets improved. By tracking the important aspects that matter to you, you can focus on making them better over time.

Get aligned

Stay on track to achieve your personal goals. Use iyarn to keep those around you engaged.

How iyarn helps to improve organisations and people

It’s your time to connect, reflect and take action

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling and balanced life
Start your journey with iyarn - it's free to try

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