A Closer Look at How Student Check ins Elevate Student Counselling and Support Services 

A Closer Look at How Student Check ins Elevate Student Counselling and Support Services 

The concern for student wellbeing extends far beyond the classroom. While teachers play a pivotal role, in many schools there is a dedicated team of counselling and support professionals who work to ensure every student’s emotional and mental needs are met. iyarn is a platform for school counsellors to track and address student issues effectively. It allows them to visually see the effectiveness of their interventions for students who need additional support. School counsellors, psychologists, and other leadership might choose to use customised check ins for each student to follow up on areas of concern. 

One all-girls school is a great example of taking advantage of iyarn to support the school psychology and counselling team. This school conducts specific check ins with students who might need additional wellbeing support. Their school psychologist and leadership team have seamlessly integrated iyarn into their toolkit. 

Reflecting on the impact of iyarn, the school psychologist says, 

“iyarn has helped in my role as the college psychologist to help me better understand and group student concerns. We found that students are more comfortable disclosing issues to their teachers in that format rather than face to face. I think iyarn is unique in that it is customisable and it’s a really easy and quick tool.” -School Psychologist

iyarn has been instrumental in helping this school psychologist understand issues of concern that her students are facing. The digital platform allows students to express their feelings and challenges in a format that suits their comfort level, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of the counselling process. Additionally, the customization options provided by iyarn allow the team to tailor check ins to the unique needs of individual students, fostering a personalised and responsive approach to support services. 

Another school leader emphasises the simplicity and efficiency of iyarn’s implementation, 

“I just love how simple it is to use. We set it up as a group, we set up our sections, our colours, what we were going to reflect on. It was a great sort of bonding process even just the set up and the fact that it just takes you know 15-20 seconds to complete once a week and the kids really do enjoy using it and that’s just, it’s a lifesaver.” -Head of Year 7

The experiences shared by professionals using iyarn underscore its role as a valuable resource in the broader landscape of student wellbeing. iyarn prioritises customisation, ease of use, and student comfort, so that schools can nurture a holistic approach to student wellbeing. 

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