Another Milestone for iyarn in Schools!

Another Milestone for iyarn in Schools!

iyarn’s been reviewed by many panels in the education sector, including pastoral care experts, psychologists, IT experts and others. We’re stoked to announce that we’ve also completed the formal assessment by the Department of Education in Western Australia!

Using iyarn in Public Schools

iyarn’s been assessed for use in the Department of Education, expanding the availability of our upgraded app to hundreds of public schools in Western Australia.

Improving Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Every day, students grapple with a range of issues. Many students will struggle silently, and it’s difficult for teachers to lean in to the individual issues of each and every student.

We’ve built iyarn to meet this need. iyarn is a great tool to support a school’s pastoral care initiatives and improve the wellbeing and engagement of students.

iyarn provides a real-time window into a student’s world. We’ve designed iyarn to be simple, intuitive and effective for students and their teachers. Our app is flexible to meet the needs of a specific school or class group. See a short case study here.

New Features for Schools

We continue to receive great feedback from teachers across Australia as we expand and improve the platform. Many of the features we’ve built specifically for schools are available in our upgraded version, including alerts, in-app reporting and support resources that can be delivered direct to students.

Best of all, we’re continuing to roll out new features on a regular basis.

Contact us for a full demonstration of iyarn’s platform for schools.

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