Improve Your School Environment with the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

Improve Your School Environment with the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

Student wellbeing has been an increasing focus in schools across Australia.

We’re taking a look at the framework, and how you can use iyarn to quickly assess your school against the framework. This is a great idea if you’re looking to improve your school environment to better support student outcomes.

Introduction to the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment funded the development of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework. It’s a framework for school environments.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports Australian schools to  provide each and every student with the strongest foundation possible for them  to reach their aspirations in learning and in life. The Framework is based on evidence that demonstrates the strong association between safety, wellbeing and learning.

The framework is intended as a holistic assessment of the whole school community and proposes five elements (leadership, inclusion, student voice,  partnerships and support) that are required to promote student wellbeing, safety and learning outcomes.

A Quick Assessment on the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

The full framework takes 10 minutes to assess some 25 questions.

As an alternative, we’ve set up a quick, easy check in based on the Student Wellbeing Framework for use by teachers, parent groups and administrators.

This particular check in does not require a login or signup. All data is stored anonymously.

This is a quick example of a check in and has been designed to get a group talking.

Additional features are available on iyarn once you’ve set up an account, including saving your data and setting up your own check ins.

To take advantage of the full power of iyarn, it’s recommended that you recommended that you start you own account and create your own wheel on iyarn.

We also have a sample check in available for student wellbeing. This link is to a student-centric check in.

Using the Results

Results of the check in are useful to spark discussion in your school community.

Remember there are free courses over at the Student Wellbeing Hub to help improve your school environment in each of the areas of the framework. The Hub provides the tools and knowledge to support school communities to:

  • Nurture student engagement, responsibility and resilience;
  • Strengthen students’ social and emotional development;
  • Build a safe, connected and inclusive school culture;
  • Foster positive, respectful relationships; and
  • Promote student wellbeing and enhance learning outcomes.

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