Bridging Proactive Wellbeing and Crisis Support in the Workplace

Bridging Proactive Wellbeing and Crisis Support in the Workplace

Research done by the Australian Mental Health Commission concludes that maintaining high levels of mental wellbeing can significantly reduce the risk of developing a mental health condition by up to eight times. This insight emphasises the potential of proactive mental health care. iyarn presents an avenue to foster wellbeing while recognising the importance of access to crisis management for those who may require urgent support and seeks to bridge the gap between proactive well-being care and crisis management. Although iyarn is not a crisis management tool, features within the iyarn app help users who need support and users can quickly and easily access emergency support resources. 

Red Flag Notifications 

The red flag notifications feature is an important feature when employees are in need of additional support. Wheel admins are immediately notified if a member of the wheel completes a check in with a significantly low score.  Additionally, the user who completed the low check in will immediately receive a prompt to reach out to professionals for emergency response as needed. 

Crisis Support

Users in need to crisis management or emergency support are directed in the app to services such as Beyond Blue, Lifeline, Mensline Australia and others. With a single click they are connected to the support they need immediately. Iyarn also has the ability to link company specific employment assistance programs directly with users of platform, this seamlessly bridges the gap between checking in and support. 

Support Now

The support now feature allows individuals using the app to send messages to an admin of their choice, or to the head of the iyarn account. This request allows the individual to provide feedback and get in contact with the right person discretely if they need support. The request will be sent to the chosen admin’s email, so they can quickly communicate with the individual needing support.

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