Check In’s Drive On- and Off-Field Success in Women’s Football #AFLW

Check In’s Drive On- and Off-Field Success in Women’s Football #AFLW

When it comes to bonding a player group through adversity, iyarn’s been instrumental in helping the Subiaco #AFLW team to tackle the 2021 season of the Western Australian Women’s Football League (WAWFL).

Checking in at Subiaco Football Club

Subiaco’s players have been checking in weekly throughout 2021. We caught up with players, coaches and the team’s wellbeing officer recently to hear how its helped!

The experience with Subiaco is a great example of how iyarn can help teams to identify what matters, and take their game to the next level. A big thanks to Michael Farmer, Courtney Lou, Jayme Harken and Clair Ortlep for taking part and it’s great to see our platform being used to its potential.

Using iyarn with Your Football Club

iyarn could be the perfect tool for your club to consistently check in on your players throughout the season: for Subiaco, player check ins boosted performance and moral throughout the season.

Find out the areas your players are feeling good about, and the areas where they might need some help or guidance. It only takes a few clicks!

If you’re looking for more detailed instructions on how to implement iyarn as a coach, wellbeing staff or leading player, check out the tutorial over at:

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