Choosing Your Year Group Wheel Segments

Choosing Your Year Group Wheel Segments

This article can help Year Coordinators choose how they want their students to check in. 

Check ins encouraged reflection, learning and growth from students, and supported their teacher to develop a stronger connection and understanding of the students. 

Quick start-up: iyarn Check in

Iyarn encourages a light approach to checking in on students when first starting, this focuses on creating a conversation around some high-level segments of life to get the conversation started ie: 

  • Sleep, 
  • Homework, 
  • Activity, 
  • Stress,
  • Hobbies

We have created a Quick start-up wheel template, if you would like to use this Check in on your students, click the link below to join the wheel, then you can duplicate it and customise the name to suit your school.

 Join The Wheel Here

This is a great way to introduce iyarn to your students, this can encourage the students to start the process of checking in. Once the students are signed up and have a routine they can progress to more bespoke wheels that are age-appropriate… Read below…

Student Voices: Involving a Youth Advisory Committee

To get the students more engaged, we encourage year group coordinators to co-create the wheel segments with the youth advisory committee. This group works with the teachers to choose the language that resonated with them. 

Additional Useful Tips to implement a system of regular check ins: 

  • Balance standardisation with some flexibility. 
  • Use a standard timeslot and encourage students to complete their check ins during that time. 
  • Provide support to teachers, including templates and guidance. 
  • Provide context of the importance of the check in’s for students.
  • Depending on the schools policies, allow the completion of check ins at times that the students agree on.

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