Developing Strong Leadership Teams with iyarn

Developing Strong Leadership Teams with iyarn

Leadership consultant Joris Cuesta was one of the early adopters of iyarn’s platform for fast, powerful check ins.

Joris offers a Formula1 Pit Stop for leadership and team performance, and excellent results from one of his ongoing programs with a bank have been shared over at The Plateau Hacker.

It’s an insightful case study that shows how a management teams can use iyarn to connect and grow.

The Needs of an Australian Bank

Joris has used iyarn with much success in his work with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL), based in Sydney. TMBL has over 500 employees, 4 major brands and almost $9b AUD assets under management.

To set the scene:

TMBL has grown through acquisition to one of Australia’s largest industry-based banking brands.

Having gone through substantial change, some teams were failing to trust each other, they were disconnected from the greater environment and what they needed to deliver.

The expectation was that the teams needed to be aligned, move into a position to better perform, and drive change within the organization.

iyarn’s Role in the Development of a Leadership Team

iyarn played a critical role in Joris’ program of coaching and support throughout 2020. Hear from TMBL Group CMO Nichole Banks, alongside Joris and other members of senior leadership, as they candidly discuss the situation, process and results from the program in this short video:

As Nichole summarises:

One of the most impactful tools that Joris introduced to us very early on in the process was iyarn.

It allowed us as leaders to really get a great sense of where the individuals as well as the collective team were at at any point during the program.

We’ve seen a 47% increase in professional and personal development which is incredibly exciting. That’s an incredible shift in attitude and behaviour that will really set us in good stead where we need to go.

… The team absolutely loved Joris and they loved the entire experience. Many of them called out that what they’ve learned during the program would stay with them for a lifetime. You couldn’t ask for a better statement than that as a senior leader in an organization.

A Great Example of a Connected Culture

Well done to Joris and the team from TMBL. The team showed the kind of movement towards an open, empowered and engaged team culture that is certainly one of the goals we had in mind when designing iyarn.

To find out how iyarn can help your business, feel free to contact us and arrange a discussion or demonstration.

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