Checking in at The Van Diemen Project

Checking in at The Van Diemen Project

The Van Diemen’s Project is a business incubation network that’s started, scaled, sustained and supported over 2000 individuals and businesses. Keeping the community engaged and supported is a major part of The Van Diemen project’s work in Australia’s southern-most region.

Adam Mostogl is Director & Entrepreneurship Facilitator at the Van Diemen Project:

“iyarn is the first thing we do in our regular team meeting to check how we’re tracking, how stressed we are and what we’re focused on. Instead of just running around the room and asking for numbers, iyarn helps us track how we are going, what is changing personally and professionally, and make sure we’re firing. It’s so quick and easy to do in the lead up to the meeting, especially with reminders, and it helps us prioritise our focus on the team rather than just discussing the work that is on.”

The Van Diemen Project is focused on empowering Tasmanians to do great things, especially through;

  • Starting a brand new business.
  • Scaling an existing business.
  • Sustaining your business through contemporary business advice.
  • Supporting through events and workshops.

VDP offers support to individual business owners and those that are just exploring starting a new business, communities and regions through events and advice, and even a flexible coworking space in Launceston. 

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