From Check ins to Connection: How Increasing Student Wellbeing is Key to Academic Success

From Check ins to Connection: How Increasing Student Wellbeing is Key to Academic Success

The connection between student wellbeing and academic success

The focus on student success has evolved beyond report cards, grades, and traditional academic metrics. Today, educators, parents, and policymakers recognize the crucial connection between student wellbeing and academic performance. Research shows that, “Young people who feel safe, connected and secure and have loving and trusting relationships are more likely to be active participants in their learning and to achieve better physical, emotional, social and educational outcomes.” iyarn is a way for teachers to increase student outcomes by focusing on student wellbeing.

More than a survey

iyarn is an innovative tool that moves beyond surveys and pulse checks– it’s a platform for meaningful connection. Student check in results create a conversation canvas for teachers to better understand and connect with their students. 

Student-led and student-centred 

Regular check ins teach students the value of self-awareness and reflection. With the student-led check ins, students take responsibility for their own progress and wellbeing. Seeing their results over time empowers them to witness their journey and appreciate the inevitable ebbs and flows of life. This not only instils resilience but also highlights their capacity for growth.  These student-led check ins help students develop social and emotional skills, reinforcing the understanding that their holistic wellbeing is directly related to their educational success.

One Year 11 Student shares their thoughts after using iyarn for weekly homeroom check ins, 

“iyarn has been extremely helpful in my life. I didn’t think iyarn would have such a positive impact on me. I am now able to track my mental health progress and get updates from my teachers.”

Early intervention and targeted support

iyarn provides a proactive approach to identifying potential challenges students may face. Early intervention becomes possible as educators receive timely alerts and insights, allowing them to address issues before they escalate. Teachers can better foster a supportive educational environment because they have a better understanding of how their students are going.

What schools are saying

Students at one senior high school have checked in over 2000 times since beginning their iyarn journey. At this school students across 7-12 complete a weekly homeroom wellbeing check in.

“iyarn is an intuitive platform that is easy to navigate and is proving to be a useful addition to our Student Wellbeing toolkit.  The biggest positive is having students who rarely make our radar, speak up through their comments, some even asking for support.” – Acting Deputy Principal

Another school using iyarn is a co-educational Christian school for students in Years 7 to 12. The college has been using iyarn for almost two years and has a dedicated team of teachers and pastoral care staff that utilise the data insights iyarn provides to support their students.

Since launching iyarn, we have been able to give students a way to easily track their wellbeing and mental health. Our students have embraced this resource and can see the value in understanding their own strengths and areas for improvement that it highlights. As a College dedicated to pastoral care, we are now beginning to see students empowered to improve their overall health as well as having important data that shapes how we can best support our students.“ -Year 12 Head of Year

Increasing student wellbeing and success

Schools that have used iyarn have seen that it is a valuable resource for educators to cultivate not only academic achievement but also a supportive environment that nurtures the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of students’ growth.

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