From Results to Relationships: Facilitating Meaningful Conversations in Your Workplace

From Results to Relationships: Facilitating Meaningful Conversations in Your Workplace

As a manager, creating an environment where employees feel their voices are valued and heard is crucial for fostering a healthy and engaged workplace. iyarn is here to help you better connect with your team and facilitate meaningful conversations and better collaboration. These conversations provide an excellent opportunity to cultivate a connected and supportive professional environment.

Discussions as a Team

When addressing the team, focus on overarching trends and dynamics. For instance, you might highlight improvements in collective check in scores and initiate discussions by asking, “What factors do you think contributed to the recent improvement in our team check-in scores, especially with an upcoming deadline?” Acknowledging shared challenges and successes helps build a sense of camaraderie, fostering empathy and a shared commitment to common goals. Establishing this positive and supportive workplace community contributes significantly to the overall wellbeing of employees.

You could also invite team members to share one insight they personally gained from their own check ins around their wellbeing. This tends to be a better question than asking team members, “How are you going?”

One-on-One Manager-Employee Conversations

In the managerial role you will have access to employee check in results giving you insights into employee wellbeing and progress. Encourage open conversations with employees about their individual check in scores. You may wish to talk about the two highest and two lowest segments. This will allow you to focus on both strengths and areas of improvement. 

You could start with a general statement like, “I noticed your recent check in score was lower than usual. Is there anything you’d like to discuss or any support you may need?” You could also focus on one particular segment, “I noticed that you scored a 10/10 on team collaboration. I’d love to hear what’s going so well!” Utilise iyarn’s comment feature to leave a supportive note, such as “Let me know if you’d like to schedule a time with me to talk more about how you’re doing.” 

Leverage check-in results to connect with employees on aspects of their lives outside of work as well. For example, you might say, “I noticed your check-in was exceptionally high today. How was your weekend?” Insights gained from iyarn will help you foster a better relationship with each team member individually and offer support in areas they need it most. 

Employee-to-Employee Conversations

Encourage positive interactions among team members using iyarn. While ensuring that no one feels pressured to disclose personal details, encouraging discussions about wellbeing will help employees become more comfortable talking with each other. iyarn, designed to enhance connections, allows for meaningful conversations based on check in data. 

iyarn serves as a powerful platform to strengthen the bond between managers and employees. By leveraging check in data for team discussions, individual conversations, and positive peer interactions, managers can create a workplace culture centred on connection, empathy, and overall employee wellbeing.

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