Get ready for 2020

Get ready for 2020

Want to be in that 8% in 2020? Forbes suggests setting specific, measurable goals, not vague resolutions.

Tips to Smash Your 2020 Goals

Here are our top tips!

💪 Acknowledge your strengths AND weaknesses.

The power of the iyarn wheel is its ability to give you a holistic overview of your life. When you’re choosing your areas of focus, don’t just pick areas you are strong in. Acknowledge the important things that need work too. Being honest with yourself makes strong foundations for your aspirations.

💡 Challenge yourself to think differently.

By checking-in on all the areas of your life, you may find yourself coming up against your own beliefs. Perhaps you think that you’re not very good with money, but everytime you check in, your score in this area improves – maybe you’re not doing so bad after all! Or perhaps you think your family connections are really strong, but every check in, you notice that your score in this area is pretty low – look at why this might be and how you can improve it.

🧘 Clear your mind.

Before you set your goals and intentions or do a check-in, create space in your mind. We are more tuned in to new opportunities, fresh ideas and creative thinking, when we open our perspective and disengaged from highly focused, analytical, efficiency driven thinking.

💭 Dream big but start small.

Big goals are worthwhile and motivating but don’t try to change everything at once. Give yourself one actionable step in one or two areas of focus. Track your progress and adjust your steps as you start to see trends.

☀️ Join the iyarn Summer of You Challenge here.

This 30 day challenge equips you with daily messages of inspiration to kick start the year as the best version of you, mastering the 4 pillars of life, Body, Emotion, Mind, Spirit.

Don’t forget to recharge!

The pace of 21st century life can really take a toll. We have instant and complete access to technology and education anywhere anytime. We can have our say on issues as they unfold, engage in conversations throughout the world and stay in touch 24/7. We are constantly engaged in our wider culture, yet are increasingly disengaged from those around us. Barbara Markway, Phd explains for Psychology Today that when we’re busy and time poor, self-care is the first thing to go out window. Our brains go into fight-or-flight mode, we’re stuck in a cycle of doing and we forget about the things that make us feel good.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take a break, recharge and reconnect. Here’s how we’re hoping to recharge at iyarn these holidays:

❌ Say no.

Not every Christmas party and function is a must. Check-in with yourself (and your iyarn wheel) before overcommitting to a string of events that will wear you down rather than build you up. We’re also all about celebrating safely. Know your limits with food and alcohol. Be an example for those around you and encourage healthy habits of enjoying in moderation.

✋ Reach out.

Ask for help when you need it AND when you want it. Christmas is the perfect time to do things together. Take your mum Christmas shopping. Enroll your dad to help with the cooking. Get the kids into an assembly line of gift wrapping and card writing.

📚 Prioritise the important.

Reflect on the areas of your life that are most important to you and what you want out of the upcoming year. Prioritise the things that will make a difference in these areas.

Setting Goals and Keeping on Track in 2020

This is where your iyarn wheel will really come in handy.

With your iyarn wheel, you can map out the areas of life most important to you. By giving yourself key focus areas, you can see where you need to direct your time and energy in order to achieve your goals.

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