How Habitus is Using iyarn as a 360 Feedback Tool for Business Leaders

How Habitus is Using iyarn as a 360 Feedback Tool for Business Leaders

Habitus is a social enterprise that focuses on enhancing organisational performance. They offer workshops and organisational coaching to create transformative experiences and empower business leaders. Habius’ founder, Dr. Monty Badami, has been using iyarn with the business leaders he coaches as a 360 feedback tool.

While coaching leaders, Monty has his clients use iyarn to collect feedback from their teams. Using the famous Atlassian leadership team health template as his guide, he simply added these areas as segments on a check in wheel and shared it with the leaders he was coaching.

(You can read more about these segments at the bottom of this post). 

Importantly, Monty creates unique wheel descriptors based on consultation with key staff to direct the leadership goals to meet the needs of the organisation. Business leaders are then able to share the wheels with their team members, who complete a check in. The results from these check ins give business leaders actionable data and feedback about their leadership. Monty then uses the data from iyarn to tailor his coaching to their specific needs.

He also uses iyarn to support ongoing data collection of the cultural health of the organisation to support them to continually grow towards their goals, as well as see how environmental pressures affect their capacity for growth throughout the year.

Before using iyarn, Habitus was dependent on google docs as a survey tool, but Monty found that it was ineffective and didn’t provide the data in ways useful for the leaders he was coaching. iyarn has been the perfect tool for him and his clients to gather feedback, make goals, and track progress overtime. The insights gained from iyarn not only give his clients an idea of the areas to focus their improvement but showcase their improvement in these areas over time. 

Habitus will continue to use iyarn for the business leaders they are coaching. You can now find an iyarn  template of the same segments Habitus used to check in and start using it today to evaluate your organisation’s leadership. 

Below is an example of the segments and some unique wheel descriptors Monty has used:

Balanced Team

You have the right people, and they know what is expected of them. Team roles are explicit, and who is accountable for decisions is well understood. You have the right size team to be effective.

Team Cohesiveness

Members proactively provide their experience and insights to make the group more effective. There is trust and respect across the group.

Shared Understanding

The team has a shared vision and collective purpose which they support, and confidence they have made the right strategic bets to achieve success.

Decision Making

Decisions are made at the right level with an appropriate degree of urgency and discussion in considering both short and long term implications, with trade-offs actively considered. Decisions are timely and effectively communicated.


The team reflects on, then leverages lessons learned and success to make more effective decisions faster. The group is renowned for and has established patterns for GSD (Getting $#!T Done).

Value and Metrics

The group is clear on their unique value proposition for growing the business and they can measure the intended impact. Success is defined, and measures identified.


Each member stands behind the group’s vision and value, and this is documented in plain English for other teams to understand.

Managed Dependencies

Clear communication between team members to share insights, knowledge and learning which could lessen risk, complexity, resources, effort, and timelines facing the team. You are viewed as “easy to do business with” from your key stakeholders.

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