How To Stay Fit While Working Full-Time

How To Stay Fit While Working Full-Time


  • You don’t need loads of time to stay fit, healthy and confident!
  • From home workouts to standing desks, you don’t need to do a whole lot to be active.

Life can get stressful real quick and sometimes our values may not always align. Work gets overwhelming, our health slowly declines and suddenly we’re reasoning with ourselves that cancelling our gym membership is the best option for us (to save money).

Our whole lives, we’re constantly trying to be better and struggle to find balance between work, family, our health and our social lives. A lot of the time, we put important and beneficial tasks off due to time constraints. But all it takes is a little planning and thinking ahead.

As soon as your world stops, you start to realise how unfit you are and as you get older, the harder it is to maintain your physical wellbeing. The days of being a “yeah, I don’t do exercise” gal and not wanting to participate in physical activity are over. Screw the scales – we’re in this to stay fit, strong and to live happy, healthy lives!

You don’t need to be an influencer to exercise whenever you want and always remember – athleisure is a thing. Here are some small adjustments you can make that don’t chew up a lot of your time:

Home workouts

Got a family member taking the piss out of you for doing yoga or pilates on a Tuesday morning? Shut the door, plug in your favourite podcast or playlist and zone out.

A home workout could consist of a quick HIIT session or a step-by-step YouTube video – knock out one of these babies before or after work to tick off and feel accomplished with your day.

Take a brisk walk during your lunch break

Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, it’s best to spend some time away from your desk by getting a dose of vitamin D and going on a quick 20-minute walk. Make it a habit and you’ll no longer need that mid-arvo hit of coffee to get you through!

Invest in a standing desk

A standing desk won’t literally burn calories for you but it’ll put you in the mood for staying active at home – you’re not slouching around nor hunched over your computer, plus – who wants to be sitting in a chair for 8-hours a day? Gives me the ick.

Jump on the treadmill

40 minutes sounds like a long time until you pop on an episode of your favourite show. You’ll feel motivated to go at a steady pace, a decent incline and the workout will be over before you know it!

Don’t look at exercise as a chore that you dread – make it enjoyable and go at your own pace!

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