iyarn and Wellbeing in Mining Services

iyarn and Wellbeing in Mining Services

This short case study highlights iyarn’s role in supporting a major Australian mining company to tackle wellbeing and tap into the sentiment of their operations across mine sites.

Driving the Focus on OHS in a multi site Mining Company 

In a Mining Magazine survey, 95% of miners see technology as being a key driver in improving Health, Safety and communication within mining, and nearly one third saw technology improvements as the number one strategy to improving OHS.

iyarn has been working with a top Australian mining company to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all site personnel through capturing sentiment analysis for all stakeholders across multiple mine sites. iyarn found that across any given mining operation there are 2000 personnel spanning 6 different organisations, all which don’t have the resources to effectively communicate to one another when it came to employee wellbeing and mental health.

Through this process, the Mining Operator sought to enhance communication on wellbeing initiatives, improve collaboration between business units and add in real time monitoring of sentiment in the workforce. 

What We’re Doing

iyarn’s fast, regular check ins capture the sentiment through all organisations and provides the operators of both mines with real-time analysis, so leaders on the ground know what’s happening and importantly, how the sites wellbeing is going. 

iyarn was able to offer the mining organisation a comprehensive solution that helped bridge the sentiment analysis gap. This Solution focused on reflection, connection and belonging to de-stigmatise Mental Health and Wellbeing and offer crisis support when needed. 

Building a Broader Approach to Wellbeing

iyarn is a part of a broader approach to improving wellbeing, iyarn enables the miner to create an environment of enhanced connection and engagement for all of their wider employees through sentiment analysis, professional practices and connectivity. 

Challenges Facing reflection, connection and belonging
– Understanding and engaging the workforce
– Connecting not telling
– Changing Workforce
De-stigmatising Mental Health 
-Mess Hall Sessions
– Wellness Wednesday workshops
– Weekly Team Check ins
Crisis Support When Needed
– Employment Assistance Program (EAP)
– Hooked in Automated events
– Red Flag Notifications

A Holistic and Connected Approach

iyarn focuses on the three key areas of wellbeing;  psychological, emotional and social, iyarn captures sentiment relating to each field which gives a holistic vision of an individuals attitude. 

Achieving Whole of Mine Coordination

With the support of iyarn a large mining organisation was able to achieve improved cross organisation coordination across wellbeing leading to better engagement & connection, de-stigmatizing mental health and improved crisis support for the entire operation, bettering the experience for all. 

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about how iyarn can support your organisation please contact Lockie Cooke CEO and Founder of iyarn at Lockie@iyarn.com.au or via Mobile on 0410 602 773.

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