iyarn and Uber

iyarn and Uber

This short case study explores how iyarn is used to enhance appraisals and communication, improving staff engagement across UberEATS in the APAC region.

Supporting the Move to Open, Regular Communication

Regular, open communication and feedback has been shown to create value in the workplace, particularly with younger generations in the workforce. Team members without feedback quickly become disengaged and their productivity drops, and yet many managers do not provide regular feedback to employees. 

Uber, a leading global SaaS organisation rose to the challenge of improving employee feedback by seeking out a quick and effective way to conduct appraisals with its diverse and distributed workforce.

Evolving the Appraisal Process 

Uber wanted to make their assessments a more frequent exercise that would unlock the next level of team performance. The intent was to spark conversations that connected team leaders and team members, and helped each on their journey of professional development. 

iyarn set out to simplify the way Uber conducted its quarterly competency appraisals and developed a custom check in system focused on effectively and efficiently delivering employee and manager feedback in real time.

The Benefits of Improving Competencies

Uber sought to proactively engage its workforce and through working with iyarn who were able to simplify feedback, improve employee engagement and drive team performance. 

The iyarn way

iyarn provided support in the way team appraisals were planned, measured and reported. Through these changes, the tech giant was able to use iyarn, a system which was quick, efficient and easy for all team members to understand.

– Identifying performance segments and descriptions
– Train and onboard new team members 
– Educate existing team members on competencies and the iyarn platform
– Live data capturing & measurement system 
– Focus on data collection as well as other qualitative and quantitative methods as appropriate.
– Data is collected and converted into easily interpreted and presented radar graphs and timeline trends.
Performance Report
– Collate reports per sales and review and compare accordingly
– Provide digital reporting interface
– Automate monthly reporting and aggregated data

Managing Competencies Across the Globe.

iyarn soon became Uber’s key appraisal tool across Asia and the Pacific for quarterly appraisal check ins between managers and team members. 

Because of iyarn’s simple and easy to use interface, having a diverse workforce using the tool across different regions was no hassle, Uber was able to easily adopt iyarn as a new software across Asia and into the pacific. 

This allowed more teams to engage in meaningful conversations and receive real time feedback to support their training and development needs. 

“The conversations were much more direct. iyarn really added direction and structure.”

Manager, Uber ANZ

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If you would like to find out more about how iyarn can support your organisation please contact Lockie Cooke CEO and Founder of iyarn at Lockie@iyarn.com.au or via Mobile on 0410 602 773.

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