iyarn Launches Trial!

iyarn Launches Trial!

iyarn is a platform connecting people and companies whilst enabling conversations, sharing stories and creating supportive communities.

We’re proud to announce our new app is available for trial!

iyarn for You!

iyarn is a great tool for you to connect with yourself and others.

With iyarn, you can check in with:

  • Your overall position – Easily understand your overall position in life or work right now
  • Your segments – Beautifully visualise a holistic approach and understand progress
  • Your goals – Motivate by seeing progress against your personal or organisational-based targets

iyarn for Teams and the Workplace!

The iyarn app is ready to connect employees to their workplaces, to greater wellbeing, and better business outcomes. Companies with better employee engagement and wellbeing outcomes can earn 2.1% higher stock returns than the industry average and grow 4.3 times faster 😲 (Krekel, Ward and De Neve, 2019).

Now that would make your boss happy. πŸ€—

iyarn is Accessible Anywhere!

iyarn lets you take these to work with you, in your pocket, accessible anywhere, anytime.

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