iyarn Supporting Staff and Student Wellbeing Discussions

iyarn Supporting Staff and Student Wellbeing Discussions

iyarn has been designed to support teachers, tutors and other mentors to manage student wellbeing. The platform provides a secure, simple and powerful way to check in on the topics that really matter to spark growth and connection.

We’ve received some great feedback from Chisholm College who’ve rolled out the platform in many different settings.

iyarn at Chisholm Catholic College

Chisholm College first started using iyarn in Term 3 2020 then adopted the platform across the entire school in 2021.

With iyarn;

  • Staff and students could work together to personalise their wheel segments;
  • Staff could create a better bond with students whilst setting up the wheel;
  • Students could complete a quick and easy check in for staff to understand the general mood of the individual and class;
  • Students could more comfortably express and reflect on how they’re feeling in a safe space on a regular basis;
  • Students could connect with peers and staff;
  • Staff could understand and group student concerns.

Watch the video below to hear Chisholm College’s PCA Alice, students Sage and Christian, and psychologist Cara talk about their experience with iyarn:


I found iyarn to be a wonderfully useful piece of software as a new PCA with a new bunch of year sevens. Getting to know them as quickly as possible is quite an important part of my role and iyarn really helps with that.

It gives them an opportunity to reflect on a regular basis how they’re feeling and I can check in on them whilst they’re checking themselves in. I can see what the general mood of the class is as well as looking at individuals that have responded in a certain way.

I just love how simple it is to use. We set it up as a group, we set up our sections, our colours, what we were going to reflect on. It was a great sort of bonding process even just the set up and the fact that it just takes you know 15-20 seconds to complete once a week and the kids really do enjoy using it and that’s just, it’s a lifesaver.

I love iyarn because it helps me to connect with people in my class or my PCA.

I love that I can express my feelings and no one can know. I feel like it’s helped me because I feel like I can reflect on what I’ve done and I can use it anytime of the day.

iyarn has helped in my role as the college psychologist to help me better understand and group student concerns. We found that students are more comfortable disclosing issues to their teachers in that format rather than face to face. I think iyarn is unique in that it is customisable and it’s a really easy and quick tool.

There’s not anything out there that I’ve seen that’s even similar. Just makes the whole process easier, it’s a really sort of a one of a kind app at the moment and the connection that it provides is very, very useful.

Implementing iyarn in Your School

We’ve taken on board feedback from each and every one of our early adopters. This feedback has been invaluable as we steadily improve our existing features and add new functionality to the platform.

iyarn has emerged as an incredibly easy to use and secure platform for student check ins. These check ins can play a highly valuable role in supporting the growth and wellbeing of students, particularly at a time when COVID is impacting schools across the world.

If you’d like to talk further or schedule a demo of the platform, contact us for more.

or sign up to iyarn here app.iyarn.com