Superpowers for Connection

Superpowers for Connection

Understanding each other and communicating regularly enables deeper conversations. A deeper conversation enables greater connection. This creates greater trust and activates effort.

Like a snowball building momentum, your deeper connections spur more communication and attract positive outcomes.

Yarn your way to Stronger Relations

Strong and healthy relationships have numerous mental, physical and emotional benefits. The good news is that while many of these benefits can make you happier and more contented, there’s also a flow-on effect, whereby people around you will want to spend time with you. In this way, social connectedness generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Yarn Superpowers

Next time you’re having a chat with a friend, family member or colleague, try out our 4 Yarn Superpowers for deeper connection.


Understand where others are coming from, ask for input. Listen holistically – listen not only to what they’re saying but their tone of voice, their body language and their reactions.


Clarify, immerse yourself in learning, explain your direction and intentions, value the different perspectives others bring.


Nurture those different perspective, try to empathise, motivate yourself and those around you.


Connect your conversations and actions to the bigger picture; to your visions, values and purpose.

Never Been a Better Time to Yarn

We are in a period of rapid technological and cultural change. Greater access to technology and education, means that we can easily have our say and stay in touch 24/7. We are constantly engaged in our wider culture, yet are increasingly disengaged from those around us. Use these 4 Yarn Superpowers to reconnect to those around you.

We hope iyarn will help to bridge these gaps for modern generations. Connecting and conversing deeply directly contributes to our health, relationships, personal results and even our longevity. Better connection creates significantly better outcomes. 

iyarn gives you a starting point and a foundation to have those discussions that would probably get missed. I look at this tool as a tool that could be used everyday to check in on your family and friends, even when you’re far away. There’s an opportunity for us to continue this conversation.

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