iyarn’s Community Connection Workshops

iyarn’s Community Connection Workshops

iyarn has opened registrations for Community Connection Workshops in September 2020. These events are open to sporting clubs and are a great opportunity to engage your members and get talking about health and wellbeing.

September will be a big month of activity on mental health, including R U OK? Day on 10th of September. It’s a national day of action for mental health and Australians are encouraged to ask “Are you OK?” if someone in your world is struggling with life’s ups and downs.

What does your club have planned? We can help.

Check out some of the sessions we’re run recently:

Is your Club interested? Register now to signal your club’s interest in these strictly limited Connection Workshops. Email hello@iyarn.com for more information. 

If selected, an iyarn facilitator will deliver a session at your club. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring your members together, start the conversation and build some skills that will help your club shine.

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