iyarn’s ‘Summer of You’

iyarn’s ‘Summer of You’

The iyarn Summer of You Campaign challenges you to check in every day for 30 days. See how honest you can get with yourself: The Summer of You is all about you connecting with YOU.

All this month, we’ll be publishing helpful content on the website and our social media: follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

Join our Summer of You Challenge here. If you need ideas for your first iyarn wheel, check out this article we’ve written.

Connect with Important Areas in Your Life this Summer

Here are five things you can do to connect with some important areas – your body, mind, emotions and spirituality.

BODY: take 5 long deep breaths; listen to music that relaxes you; sit on the floor with your legs crossed and your back tall; eat a sandwich with lots of salad; practice your golf swing.

MIND: put 3 things (and 3 things only) on your to do list for the day; do a crossword; challenge your self talk; borrow a book from the library that you wouldn’t buy; write a list of your strengths.

EMOTION: dedicate 15 minutes to writing down your worries (putting them on paper can help put them in perspective and help you solve them); give someone a compliment; colour in a picture;

SPIRITUAL: do something community minded; go for a walk and take note of all the different animals and insects you see; write down twenty things you’re grateful for; join a group; write down your values.

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