Journey alongside Tim Winton in Ningaloo Nyinggulu, launching tonight on ABC

Journey alongside Tim Winton in Ningaloo Nyinggulu, launching tonight on ABC

Discover one of the last intact wild places left on Earth with its most prominent defender, author and conservation activist, Tim Winton. A stunning three-part series premiering Tuesday 16 May at 8:30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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Celebrated author Tim Winton takes us to one of the Earth’s last truly wild and intact places. Its First Peoples call this global treasure Nyinggulu. The rest of us know it as Ningaloo.

Located on a remote edge of the world’s largest island, where red desert meets turquoise waters, WA’s Ningaloo region is comprised of three entwined ecosystems: Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range and Exmouth Gulf.

A region that has supported humans for over 40,000 years, Ningaloo is a wonderland of biodiversity and a refuge for many species endangered or extinct elsewhere.

Written and narrated by one of Australia’s most beloved novelists, this is the first in-depth documentary series about one of the globe’s least-known marvels.

In this spectacular series, the notoriously reclusive Tim Winton shares his passion for this World Heritage treasure, showcasing its vital role as a beacon of hope for humanity.

In the company of Traditional Owners, scientists, experts and friends, Tim explores Ningaloo’s origins and the mighty forces that shape it; delves into the remarkable links between its ecosystems and species; traces the human relationships and migratory pathways that sustain it; and offers insights into the challenges ahead.

Written, produced, and filmed on the lands and waters of the Yinikurtura, West Thalanyji and Baiyungu peoples, in Western Australia, this series has been filmed in consultation with Traditional Owners and cultural advisors, and is supported by the in-depth research and professional guidance of almost 100 experts from fields including archaeology, geoscience, biology, ecology, speleology, marine science, and eco-tourism, all deeply immersed in caring for the creatures, land and plants they work with.

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PRODUCTION CREDIT:  An Artemis Media production in association with Matter of Factual for the ABC. Major production investment from Screenwest, Lotterywest and the Western Australia Screen Fund in association with Screen Australia. Financed with support from the ABC and Love Nature.   Exec Producer Celia Tait; Writer, Narrator and Executive Producer Tim Winton; Director, Co Producer & Additional Writing Peter Rees; Line Producer Karen Williams; ABC Commissioning Editor Stephen Oliver.

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