Key Tips for Workplaces Using iyarn

Key Tips for Workplaces Using iyarn

Here are a handful of key tips that’ll help you get started.


Ensure that someone from your workplace leads the program. This provides a point of focus and drive.

Upskill Your Team Leaders

Team leaders play a vital role in leading check ins with their teams, particularly in larger workplaces. It’s no surprise that team leaders need to understand the platform and the process of checking in.

We can help with templates and support. Which brings us to….

Take up the Offer of Training and Workshops

Supporting team leaders on this journey is really important. We offer workshops and smaller sessions to help, and we’ve got a really important series of training videos that supplement the content of the workshop.

You can book staff training via One of these sessions is a great way to kick things off. Align intent, surface the questions and plan for getting started with your teams.

Involve Your Team Members

Enrol your team members on the journey of why check ins are important and on what segments that teams should be checking in on.

Commit to a Regular Time

Having a regular timeslot for check ins helps to establish the habit. You’ll find there is a right frequency for your teams and their check ins.

Focus on Conversations

Check ins are to facilitate conversations, not just a survey tool ie. after every check in, let teams know you’ve seen results, discuss strengths, be available for follow up.

Evolve and be Flexible

Be willing to have conversations with your team members about changing segments to best meet their needs.

Another suggestion is to balance standardisation with some flexibility. Some specific groups may need the process or the design of the check ins tailored to suit.

Empower Team Members to Use the Tool

Empower your team to create check ins for their own personal needs. There are many useful ways to check in, whether that’s in the work environment, or for annual personal goals, or areas for shorter term focus (such as special projects or initiatives within the workplace).

This is just the beginning…

There are many ways to optimise the use of iyarn, particularly for the specialised uses of check ins (such as focused check ins for team performance, culture, wellbeing and others). This list is intended to get you started, but feel free to ask us for more information that fits your particular use of iyarn.

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