Management of student wellbeing during lockdown

Management of student wellbeing during lockdown

As a Covid-19 lockdown strikes again, it is important to realise the importance of staying connected as students learn remotely. 

“Wellbeing positively influences student learning outcomes, and success in learning enhances student wellbeing. ” – Australian Student Wellbeing Hub

Remote learning barriers Affecting remote learning

We are currently working out well-being management solutions as we begin schooling remotely again. As established through Pivots’ survey of 3500+ ANZ educators, the top student well-being barriers faced for both teachers and students as we shift to home learning are:

  1. Increased social isolation and reduced ability to support student wellbeing
  2. Reduced one-to-one engagement with teachers
  3. Difficulty in ascertaining engagement and motivation levels of students
  4. Restricted ability to monitor individual student progress 
  5. Interruption to learning support for those children with additional needs
  6. Differential levels of access to technology, including internet and devices, to support learning and well-being checking in.

With teaching staff having not previously developed the skills required to deliver online learning, fast upskilling into new territory has exacerbated the challenges of well-being practices not necessarily being set up yet.

Finding a solution to student wellbeing

With student wellbeing as the top concern for teachers working remotely, the biggest barrier is finding a simple solution to provide support.

Online tools like iyarn have much to offer. They provide real time data to monitor student wellbeing and engagement, they assist to direct support and they create a focus for student-teacher discussions. 

It’s great to identify the areas that a simple check in tool like iyarn can assist in remote learning. 

  1. The easiest student check ins
  2. Flexible design to suit your school’s requirements 
  3. Data visualisation and tracking of all students input
  4. Professional reports
  5. Reminders 
  6. Alerts with automated support links sent to student that are low scoring
  7. Lockout periods for non-school time
  8. Multiple admins
  9. Custom branding 
  10. Privacy and security of data

With lockdown only for the short term, iyarn has been developed to manage student well-being as you need it. 

If you’d like to understand more about the importance of checking in there is more to be explored here.
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