Meditation 101

Meditation 101

In today’s busy world, it can often be hard to switch off and take out time to let your mind rest.  Even when we sit in front of the TV at the end of the day, we are often hounded by phone notifications or family member requests.

However, meditation allows people to escape the noise and reconnect with themselves.  So now is a great time to give it a go and spare some time to try meditation.

Why you should try meditation

As Lorraine highlights, meditation “can sound overwhelming or too complicated, but it’s actually really easy.”  Meditation doesn’t have to be a big production; it is simply the practice of intentionally spending time with our minds.

This can be a slightly frightening practice for some; however, the practice will provide you with plenty of benefits. According to Headspace, these benefits include:

  • Help ease depression, anxiety, and pain related to stress;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • Increased immunity
  • Better sleep.

In addition to these personal benefits, meditation has been proven to help relationships as it helps stimulate the part of the brain associated with empathy.

Let’s get started!

Like everything we do at iyarn, starting at your own pace and building the habit up is important.

Consistency is key, so you will find more benefits if you aim to build meditation into your weekly schedule and set aside time for the activity.

With mental health becoming more of a priority for modern society, free meditation resources have become readily available. To help kickstart your meditation journey, here are some options the team at iyarn has tried:

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