Move for Mental Health

Move for Mental Health

iyarn introduces you to Move For Mental Health. iyarn has had a close relationship to M4MH as their mission is to save lives from suicide and improve quality of life. 

M4MH is passionate about helping people uncover their strengths and promote wellbeing. This is done by creating opportunities for participants through speaking and presenting, group education, courses and outdoor challenges.

Meet Kylianne, the face behind Move for Mental Health

Kylianne Farrell is the incredible person behind Move For Mental Health, founding the program in 2017. Kylianne has used the iyarn platform to facilitate conversations and connections with her clients.

“I am one face of mental health, I believe in the power of sharing stories with vulnerability to fight the stigma that surrounds mental health to unravel the shame to reduce the barriers associate with seeking help. I want to inspire people to discover what lights the fire within, to set them on the adventure of freedom” – Kylianne Farrell

Move for Mental Health and The Gidget Foundation                                                    

M4MHs has been giving back through fundraising for The Gidget Foundation. This is a not for profit that supports the emotional wellbeing of new and expecting parents who are living with perinatal depression and anxiety. It is said that 1 in 10 fathers within Australia are diagnosed with prenatal depression. 

As M4MH is a profit for purpose business, it is incredible to note they have raised over $100,000 for The Gidget Foundations own telehealth start talking service for rural and remote Australians struggling. It is important to know that with every $1000 raised, M4MH supports a family for a year with quality specialised psychological support.

Kylianne is a qualified adult educator, personal trainer and counsellor. Move For Mental Health beautifully pulls all these disciplines together so that she can support and impact people’s lives. Kylianne does this with a ‘come with me’ approach by role modelling that the journey to better mental wellbeing is ongoing and there are always challenges that need to be overcome and learnt from. Drawing on her own strengths and passion, Kylianne constantly inspires as she lives by her own mission in her everyday life. 

iyarn has learnt a lot from working with Kylianne and have admired her determination and success in preventing mental health. iyarn continues to work closely with M4MH to facilitate important conversations with clients.

Move for Mental Health’s clients using iyarn

You can view more on Move for Mental Health from their website.