Overcoming Homelessness | First steps

Overcoming Homelessness | First steps

The first step to overcoming homelessness, is to ensure your own safety. Depending on how safe you feel, you might need to leave your current environment and find somewhere else to stay.

Life threatening Situation

If you or someone you know are in immediate danger, please call 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Emergency Accommodation

If you are not in immediate danger but urgently need somewhere safe to stay, you can get access to a temporary home through one of these services :

  • The St Vincent de Paul Society also known as Vinnies provide temporary accommodation, food, and financial assistance for people of all ages. ((08) 6323 7500)
  • The Salvation Army provides a range of services including accommodation, meals, financial assistance, and counselling for people of all ages. (1300 651 199)

iYarn has curated this list for a West Australian audience, Nationwide support services can be found here.

If for any reason, you could not access emergency shelter and find yourself sleeping out in the open, please see our guide on what to do when sleeping rough.

Couch Surfing

Asking to stay overnight at a friend’s house is always an option but if you don’t want to impose. Try asking if you can bring your own sleeping gear and camp in their backyard for a night or two. If you have a pleasant relationship with your hosts, you might find that you feel more comfortable staying with people you know, than in crisis housing.

Next step: Finding Long-Term Accommodation

If you have shelter and steady access to things like food, shower and the internet, well done, that is a major first milestone in overcoming homelessness. It will really help when taking the next step which is to have a stable living and working arrangement.

Learn more by reading iYarn’s guide to finding steady housing and income.

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