The Wheel of Life for R U OK? Day

The Wheel of Life for R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day reminds us all to take a moment and connect with those around us. At iyarn, we hope to make connecting, reflecting and taking action easy and accessible.

The iyarn wheel is one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways you can connect with others. You can create your own iyarn wheel anytime. Sign up for free here to have quick access for you and your peers.

*** We launched iyarn in late 2019 and have been developing the platform ever since ***

Below is an illustration on how influencers like Tony Robbins use the life wheel framework to do a personal audit, we have Tony’s 7 categories of life as a template in the platform to help you get started right away here.

Each section on the wheel represents an important aspect in your life, this can be family, work, health, sport, religion, relationships, or any other major influencing factor.

When you ask R U OK, draw a wheel on a piece of paper and imagine the spokes of the wheel are the areas of life that you wish to check in on. Place a dot where you think you are in that certain area of life and then join them. The shorter and closer to the centre a spoke is, the lower the score. The larger and further from the centre a spoke is, the higher the score.

As you yarn, fill out your wheels so that the size of the section represents how satisfied you are with that area of your life right now. Try not to approach this as an assessment or competition. It’s a check in, and a launch pad for further conversation and action.

The key to making this a truly fulfilling, connecting conversation is the ability to really listen. We’ll talk about the keys to listening in our next post.

The app is live here both online and via theApp Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android), which will provide you with the tools to make this process easy to turn into a habit trackable, and replicable.

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