Running Shoes 101

Running Shoes 101

Did you know that a runner can take almost 800 steps per kilometre? The impact generated from each step is huge, so it’s important to make sure you have the right running shoe.

However, now more than ever, shoe brands are adding more and more styles for you to choose from. In fact, between just Adidas and Nike, the two companies made more than $31 billion in profit in 2021 alone from shoe sales. So, what shoes should you choose?

Finding the right fit

Your new shoes should aim to support your body as you get active, help prevent injuries and make your runs more enjoyable. So when it comes time to buy your next pair, make sure you consider the following:

  • Visit a shoe store: While you can buy online, you will definitely benefit by visiting the experts. You will be able to try on a range of options and get to know more about what support your feet need.
  • What are your plans for the shoes?: Knowing where you’ll run and what sort of intensity will help your purchasing experience. If your plan is to walk around the lake every day, you will need a very different shoe compared to the individual doing hill sprints.
  • Fit over Fad: Innovations in shoe technology can be incredible. Words like “energy absorption” or “micro-bubble formula” may sound impressive, but the only word you need to remember is “fit”. If the shoe fits, wear it!

What not to do

While you now know what to look for, here are some common pitfalls to avoid when you head to the store:

  • Looks aren’t everything: While a particular shoe may look good, it doesn’t mean it’s the right shoe for you. Be sure to choose your shoes based on how they fit and support your foot, rather than what they look like.
  • Size matters: Shoes that are too tight or small can be a nightmare. They will cause blisters and toenail damage. If you can wiggle your toes at the forefoot, without the foot slipping, you are on to a winner.
  • Make no assumptions: Taking the time to get fitted for your shoes is an opportunity not to be missed. Every shoe is different, so avoid the disappointment and try them on before you leave.

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