Supporting a Senior Leadership Team

Supporting a Senior Leadership Team

This case study looks at iyarn’s role in supporting a billion-dollar retailer’s senior leadership team to drive team performance through fast and effective regular check ins.

Lifting Up Leadership Teams

It’s common that business leaders see a lot more potential in their teams. Almost 60% of senior executives believe their team is underperforming (Thinkwise, 2021). Deeper and more regular conversations about team performance are important to lift a leadership team, with 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes (McKinsey, 2019).

Bouncing Back from COVID

A major retailer was seeking to rebound from COVID and take their management team’s performance to the next level. With thousands of staff, five major brands and a footprint of operations that spans Australia, this is a large operation.

Through the support of an expert transformation and change consultant, the group embarked on a process of regular check ins and structured conversations to breakthrough performance barriers as individuals and as a group.

It’s an insightful case study that shows how a senior management team can use iyarn to connect, reflect and develop to drive their team’s performance.

Feedback is the key to success

iyarn was used regularly to check in with the group of senior leaders, using a custom check in that was developed to foster a holistic view of performance. This process was focused on unlocking a conversation that would better understand the performance of senior leaders within the organisation, and identify ways to elevate that performance.

iyarn’s platform provided real-time access to results, and reports for the group and individuals as required. The consultant supported the group throughout the course of the program, with deep-dives and one-on-one sessions to leverage the data and explore the insights. 

Reflect, Learn and Implement Change

Having a quick and effective performance check in allowed the leadership team to reflect, learn and take action on the areas of improvement. The leadership team saw a real change. Regular check ins were transformative, allowing time to get off the busy treadmill and allowing space for a different, deeper conversation. Regular dialogue had huge benefits for the culture of the group, creating space to reflect, share feedback, recognise success and develop trust.

With the use of iyarn the retail group has the ability to conduct quick and easy staff sentiment analysis and professional development, this allows their team and leaders to have an enhanced connection and engage directly with the issues affecting their team in the moment.

These type of changes opened the window to higher levels of effectiveness as a group. It’s anticipated that this type of change supports better retention, better job satisfaction, better decisions from the group and higher levels of alignment from the senior leadership team.

Discover the Power of Check ins

iyarn creates the conversations needed for teams to perform and empowers managers to take action, it is simple and intuitive, offering a fast and effective way to check in for teams across any organisation. If you would like to find out more about how iyarn can support your organisation please email Lockie Cooke.

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