Tech Equity: Ensuring Access for All with Check in Assist

Tech Equity: Ensuring Access for All with Check in Assist

In the social service sector, iyarn strives to lead the way with innovations tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by clients working in the field. One such feature is the newly introduced Check in Assist, designed to empower administrators to enter check in data on behalf of wheel members. This advancement is particularly advantageous for healthcare workers and case managers supporting individuals who may not have access to a mobile device.

Addressing Challenges in the Social Sector:

The Check in Assist feature is a game-changer, marking a significant leap forward in addressing the diverse obstacles confronted by clients in the social sector. Specifically tailored for those working with individuals with disabilities, learning difficulties, or facing digital barriers such as a lack of access to personal mobile devices, this functionality is a testament to iyarn’s commitment to inclusivity and digital equity.

How to Utilise Check in Assist:

  1. Select the Member:

Identify the wheel member for whom you will be providing check in assistance. Next to the member’s name, click on “Check in Assist.”

  1. Click Complete Check in:

Click “Complete check in” to initiate the process.

  1. Ask Questions and Enter Data:

Pose the check in questions for each segment of the wheel to the individual. Enter the data in real-time, including any relevant comments or attachments.

  1. Submit and Confirm:

Once all check in questions are addressed, submit the check in by clicking “Confirm.”

Tracking Engagement and Inclusivity:

It’s important to note that each time a Check in Assist is completed, the results will not only reflect the participant’s responses but also indicate which administrator performed the check in assist. This feature ensures transparency and accountability within the system, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of engagement levels and individualised support.

This feature reinforces the commitment to ensuring that every participant, irrespective of their personal circumstances or abilities, is accounted for and engaged in the journey towards holistic wellbeing and growth.

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