The Business Benefits of Mentally Friendly Workplaces

The Business Benefits of Mentally Friendly Workplaces

Mentally friendly workplaces are great for employees and business! In this article, we’re taking a look at the benefits to businesses of mentally friendly workplaces.

The Business Benefits of a Mentally Friendly Workplace

Research shows that establishing and maintaining a mentally friendly workplace can have many positive impacts on your business.

1) Better Employee Health

Research shows that workplaces can really help an individual to maintain their mental health, or recover more quickly from a period of mental illness such as stress, anxiety or depression. Staying healthy is also better for employees financially and socially.

2) Improved Employee Retention

As reported by Safe Work NSW, employee retention increases by 30% when workplaces have the right mentally friendly workplace measures in place.

3) Increased Employee Productivity 

By making sure employees are being heard and supported within their workplace, productivity levels have been reported to improved by 20-25% in organisations with connected employees. 

4) Increased Business Profitability

On the back of employee health, retention and productivity, its no surprise that business profitability increases at a rate of over 20% as teams increase levels of engagement. This is credited to providing clear expectations and providing employees with the tools and support to do their best. 

5) Appeased Stakeholders and Investors

In many jurisdictions, the wellbeing of employees has become a core expectation. This expectation extends to an employee’s mental health: having a proactive and well-defined approach to supporting the mental health of employees can be an important consideration for stakeholders and investors.

Mentally Friendly Workplace Initiatives Create a Healthy ROI

The investment into establishing a mentally healthy workplace is well worth it. As shown by the most comprehensive research ever conducted about mental health in workplaces in NSW, businesses which invest in workplace health promotions can get a return of more than $4 for every $1 invested from reduced absenteeism and better productivity.

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