The CIRCLE Method for Self Improvement

The CIRCLE Method for Self Improvement

You’ve completed your check in! So, what’s next? 

Checking in is only the first step of using iyarn. You can learn about the next steps from the “CIRCLE” model below.

CIRCLE stands for Check in, Identify, Reflect, Connect, Learn, and Evolve. Each one of these steps will help your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. As you follow the steps consistently you will build meaningful connections and strengthen your relationships with key people in your life.

Check in.

Checking in on iyarn takes just 30 seconds. It’s up to you what segments you check in on or how frequently you complete a check in. 


Your check in results will help you identify your strengths and possible areas of focus or improvement. 


Over time, consistent checks ins give you meaningful insights to reflect on. Reflect on trends you notice and your progress. You will develop greater self-awareness as you spend time reflecting. 


Connection is central to iyarn’s mission. iyarn was created with the goal of connecting people and encouraging meaningful conversation. Share your check ins with important people in your life so they can see your progress and hold you accountable. Find time to have meaningful conversations about how you’re travelling and what you’re learning about yourself from iyarn. These conversations will help you go deeper with the people who matter most to you.


iyarn has curated support resources for you to learn how to improve in the areas of your life that matter the most to you whether it’s advice about how to eat healthier or spend more time journaling. Check out the hundreds of support resources iyarn has to help you with your goals.


This process of checking in, reflecting, and learning overtime will help you to grow and change as a person. You’ll foster more meaningful relationships both with yourself and others.

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