Using iyarn to Stay Connected in a Remote and Hybrid World 

Using iyarn to Stay Connected in a Remote and Hybrid World 

Research done by the Australian Mental Health Commission shows that building connections with others reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation, strengthens a person’s sense of belonging, and provides support and encouragement to carry people through difficult times. However, more and more people find themselves working in remote and hybrid work settings, making positive connections few and far between. 

The physical distance of remote and hybrid work often leads to a sense of disconnection, and the lack of face-to-face interactions may lead to a diminished understanding of individual team members’ experiences and challenges. Managers must find alternative ways to cultivate a sense of unity, trust, and open communication. Proactive strategies are required to bridge this gap, including regular check ins, meaningful team conversations, and fostering a culture that prioritises connection and wellbeing. iyarn provides a platform to sustain a cohesive and engaged team dynamic.

Regular Check ins 

Completing regular check ins invites team members to reflect on different aspects of their lives and whether they feel low or high at that moment in time. Completing these check ins over time gives managers data and insights into trends and team progress. 

Team Conversations

Check in results give you the perfect springboard for conversations with your team as well as individual members of your team. These interactions not only enhance collaboration but also serve as opportunities to address any concerns related to workload, mental health, or overall job satisfaction.

You can invite members of your team to share insights they gained from their personal check ins. You can also use the data to facilitate whole team conversations or one-on-one conversations with individuals. Read more about how to facilitate these conversations here. (link to the other blog post). 

Fostering a Culture of Wellbeing

By incorporating structured check ins and conversations into the remote work routine, teams can create a supportive space where individuals share updates, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes. Team members feel acknowledged and valued when their voices are heard, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie despite physical distance. This intentional focus on connection helps to prevent feelings of isolation and ensures that the team remains attuned to each other’s wellbeing.

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