Using iyarn to Transform Safety and Compliance Checks 

Using iyarn to Transform Safety and Compliance Checks 

In industries where safety is critical like resource and construction sectors,  iyarn can be a game-changer. Tailored to streamline safety audits, toolbox chats, and compliance monitoring, iyarn introduces a comprehensive approach to ensuring workplace safety.

Tailored Safety Audits

iyarn goes beyond traditional safety audits by offering customisation to meet the unique needs of resource and construction industries. Managers can tailor iyarn check ins specifically for safety assessments, creating a systematic and efficient way to evaluate and improve workplace safety. Each segment of a check in wheel can be around a different safety protocol or aspect of safety that managers would like to check in on.

Reporting Safety Hazards

One of the standout features of iyarn is its ability to empower team members to report safety hazards seamlessly. With a few clicks, employees can log potential risks or unsafe conditions, facilitating a proactive approach to safety management.

Compliance Monitoring with a Check in

Team members can easily rate their compliance on the check in scale, providing valuable insights into adherence levels. This granular approach allows for targeted interventions where needed, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough compliance check.

Comments for Context

Communication is key in ensuring safety and compliance. iyarn allows team members to leave comments explaining their safety ratings or expressing concerns. This commentary feature ensures that every aspect of the safety assessment is well-documented and understood, fostering a culture of open communication.

Visual Documentation

Attachable pictures add a visual dimension to safety assessments. Team members can capture and upload images showcasing compliance with safety protocols or highlighting potential hazards. This feature not only adds clarity to reports but also enhances the understanding of specific safety concerns.

Support Now Feature

In critical situations, immediate communication with managers is vital. iyarn introduces a “Support Now” feature, enabling team members to get in contact right away with managers. This real-time communication channel ensures that concerns can be addressed promptly, reinforcing a commitment to swift and effective safety management.

iyarn stands as a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing safety and compliance in resource and construction industries. From tailored safety audits to real-time communication through the “Support Now” feature, iyarn empowers organisations to proactively manage safety, mitigate risks, and foster a secure and compliant work environment. 

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