Welcoming SEDA College WA to iyarn

Welcoming SEDA College WA to iyarn

SEDA College WA is at the forefront of advancing student wellbeing, embracing iyarn as a tool for enhancing social and emotional health.

During the 2024 school year, over 500 students across 26 different classrooms will be regularly checking in.

This initiative underscores SEDA College WA’s commitment to nurturing a supportive educational environment.

Through regular check-ins and the facilitation of meaningful conversations, iyarn is instrumental in providing insight into students’ wellbeing, fostering a deeper understanding, and connection between staff and students.

Recently, iyarn had the privilege of conducting a comprehensive training session for the dedicated SEDA College WA teachers and staff across Western Australia. This session focused on the effective use of iyarn, exploring innovative ways to deepen the connection with students.

The response from the SEDA College WA staff was highly encouraging. Here’s what some of the teachers had to say about their experience with iyarn:

“I’m really interested in seeing how areas of mental health and wellbeing impact my students’ performance in school and their studies. I’m excited to see how iyarn captures that.”

“We know our students, and we have a relationship with them but their check in results from iyarn will help me to have specific and honest conversations with them about the answers they put.”

“The data allows us to see what areas in their lives the students are focusing on and what areas they might be forgetting. We can then help them with the areas where they really need support.”

The wellbeing team at SEDA College WA is engaging with student representatives, involving them directly in implementing and launching iyarn. This approach ensures the platform resonates with the student’s needs and preferences.

A member of the wellbeing team comments:

“We want the students to feel involved in the process so that they feel like the things they are checking in on, and how often they are checking in, resonates with them.”

iyarn welcomes SEDA College WA to the platform and is excited to walk side by side with the College, promoting student wellbeing and fostering meaningful conversations with their students as the 2024 school year begins.

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