Solve Workplace Presenteeism: The Role of Connection

Solve Workplace Presenteeism: The Role of Connection

Who doesn’t want to start their mornings at work feeling positive and engaging!

A Stressful World

In today’s world, we face rapid changes within our work environment as well as private domain. Inevitably there are implications that follow when we try to adapt to these changes, such as, high level of stress, fatigue, lack of concentration, this leading to lower productivity level and being less satisfied with one’s work or organisation (Guest, 2002; Poelmans & Caligiuri, 2008).

Presenteeism on the Rise

Because of the rapid rise in high demands, companies are experiencing an increase of presenteeism among their employees. Presenteeism is the practice of coming to work despite suffering from physical or/and mental health illnesses (Vänni, Neupane, & Nygård, 2016). Presenteeism, or in other word, people going to work unwell, cost Australian economy about AUS$34 billion annually, according to Gary Martin, 2018.

Finding the Source of Presenteeism

In order to combat presenteeism and create a happier and more satisfying work environment for employees, it pays for employers to investigate where they can have the most impact.

How can this be achieved? The signs of presenteeism can be difficult to spot, therefore, to improve overall employee mental health and wellbeing, employers connecting with them through communication has proven to be one of the most effective tools, according to Professor Martin Seligman from University of Pennsylvania.

Connect and Relate

Science indicate the best pathway to influence our happiness is to devote more time in building relationships. The human brain is wired to connect with others purely for survival and wellbeing. Evidently, having some form of connection with others has proven to be an active ingredient influencing how we feel and perform (Desmond, 2020).

According to research by Brad Desmond (award winning psychologist and emotional intelligence trainer) 41% of respondents voted for their colleagues as the main reason they enjoy their work, and 66% of the respondents reported an increase in productivity level due to their meaningful and positive connection with their colleagues (Desmond, 2020). Connection is the most crucial component in building a productive and efficient workplace.

Tackle Presenteeism by Improving Connection in Your Workplace

iyarn has been built to foster connection and improve the performance of teams, including focus, alignment and culture.

If you’re the first in your workplace, login and build a wheel by downloading the app from App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android) or use iyarn’s web app if you’re on a desktop. Set up a wheel in a few clicks and then share it to the people you need to check in with.

If you want help to implement the app with your team, reach out to iyarn.

Best of luck!


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