Guide to Your First iyarn Wheel

Guide to Your First iyarn Wheel

iyarn believes that there are key areas of focus in your life that make up your overall existence. These areas can be represented as a ‘wheel of life’.

Which Areas Should I Choose?

What constitutes a “key focus area” is a highly personal choice (that’s why we made the segments of the iyarn wheel fully customiseable).

Here are some ideas:


Your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.


Your primary intimate relationships, family, and friends.


This might link to how much time you spend with friends. It can also include community or social groups you are a part of.


A financial segment can be an uncomfortable one to include. But wow does it help to check in on this regularly. Think about your ability to manage your cash flow, savings, budget, and investments.


This is for work – whether you are an employee, a casual worker, a business owner, still learning or taking a break. You might want to create a totally separate wheel for your work.

Personal Growth

Not everyone thinks of personal growth as a key focus area in their life. But it’s is a powerful thing to keep track of if you are particularly goal focused or if you find yourself feeling purposeless.


Spirituality comes in many different forms. To you it might mean religion, culture, connection to country, even mindfulness. Spirituality can be its own category or even the driving force behind your whole wheel.

Focus on What Matters to You

The key to a good wheel is to determine the areas that are most important to YOU. However, it’s easy to overlook the areas in which we struggle in favour of the areas we are really strong. By including both your strengths and weaknesses will find yourself more balanced and progressing faster overall.

Be Honest With Yourself

Critical to this is your ability to be honest with yourself. This takes practice. We all have preconceived notions of what we “should” be doing or how we “should” be feeling. Before you fill in your wheel, take a moment to ask yourself these questions; how do I think I should be tracking in these segments? What do I think I should be feeling at this moment in time? When you’re filling in your wheel, try to be aware of the difference between “should be” and reality.

Let’s look at an example. Things at work might be going really well for you right now – you just got a promotion! Congrats! On the surface work is great and you “should” feel awesome about it. However in the months leading up to this promotion you were feeling really overworked and undervalued. Even though things are looking up now, you might still have reservations about your future with the company. Or the excitement is taking a while to catch up with you. Try to check in with your wheel in a way that reflects how you’re really feeling. It feels really good and you might be surprised at the opportunities that are revealed when you’re honest with yourself.

Check In Regularly!

Regular check ins are key.

The iyarn Summer of you Campaign challenges you to check in every day for 30 days. See how honest you can get with yourself. The Summer of You is all about you connecting with YOU. Join our Summer of You Challenge here.

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