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Take Your Team's Performance to the Next Leve

iyarn’s a powerful tool for teams to discover and focus on what truly matters. iyarn’s revolutionary system of check ins will unlock insights and conversations that will take your team’s performance to the next level.

When paired with one of our preferred partners, the results from iyarn can be astounding for businesses of all sizes. 

iyarn and Joris

Hello Joris has had a longstanding partnership with iyarn. An experienced consultant and advisor, Joris has lead efforts to drive the performance of teams throughout the corporate world. 


Joris Background

The Power of Check Ins

Discover the issues and unlock powerful conversations in your organisation by using iyarn’s approach to checking in.

Regular check ins provide a path to deeper connection between your key team members and alignment in your teams. 

See Some of Joris' Work with iyarn

Joris used iyarn with much success in his work with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL), based in Sydney. TMBL has over 500 employees, 4 major brands and almost $9b AUD assets under management. 

Check out Joris’s case study in the short video.

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