Check In for the Penrith Business Community

This September 10 is R U OK? Day!

Penrith CBD Corporation and the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce are proud to be collaborating on this business community initiative by checking in with their members. 

We’re Checking In to Better Serve You

We want to work with you and refer the right tools, support and resources during these challenging times we have all been facing. Business and life in general is currently about survival and we want you to thrive during these Covid-19 challenges.  

To do this we have joined with iyarn, an innovative digital app, designed to spark meaningful conversation around mental health of business owners and staff, as well as business performance and understanding how we can best support you!

About Check Ins

iyarn is a tool for quick, simple check ins.

There is no need to download anything or sign up: simply click to the link below and answer a few questions in our survey. 

The responses are totally anonymous. We want to reshare the information on R U OK day and also share further resources, tools or support over the coming months.

The question rating scale is between 1-10,

1-3 being (haven’t considered or N/A)

4-6 (moderate concerns could do better)

7-10 (managing well no concerns)

Complete Your Check In Here

See the Check In in Action!

The Check in for the Penrith Business Community is quick and easy. We’ve included an example of the whole process in the gif below, start to finish in in under 30 seconds!

We’d love your input.

Complete Your Check In Here