Welcome to Uber’s SMB Sales competencies assessment.

We’re trialling iyarn for fast check ins on key skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Sales and Business Acumen
  • Executional Excellence
  • Negotiation and Deal Making
  • Stakeholder Management and Partner Centricity
  • End to End Sales Cycle

How We Assess

We’re asking for self-assessment of your general and functional competencies on a scale of 1 to 4. Details of the levels are provided below:

Level 1: Foundational

  • Basic/limited understanding/knowledge of competency
  • May have had limited opportunity to apply the competency
  • Normally receives general instructions. Requires some guidance or supervision when applying the competency

Level 2: Skilled

  • Demonstrated/detailed understanding/knowledge and application of the competency
  • Ability to handle non-routine problems and situations
  • Requires minimal guidance or supervision/work independently
  • Consistently demonstrated success in the competency
  • Capable of assisting others in the application of the competency

Level 3: Advanced

  • Highly developed knowledge/understanding and application of competency (total mastery)
  • Can apply knowledge outside the scope of one’s position
  • Is able to coach or teach others on the competency
  • Has a long-term perspective
  • Helps develop materials and resources in the competency

Level 4: Expert

  • Specialist/Authority level knowledge, understanding, and application of the competency
  • Recognized by others as an expert in the competency and is sought out by others
  • Works across team, department, and organizational functions
  • Creates new applications or processes
  • Has a strategic focus

Take the Check In

We’ve configured the check in. Please click on the following link and set up your account.


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