Zero2hero Check Ins

zero2hero has partnered with iyarn to support and empower mental health heroes across the globe!

Check Ins

iyarn is a data-driven approach to managing and supporting wellbeing and personal relationships.

In their commitment to provide young people with tools they need, zero2hero have created a range of ‘check in wheels’ to use with their friends and family.

Improving the wellbeing of yourself and others is only a wheel away…

Check In Here

How do I Check In?

It’s simple and FREE.

  1. Login – you will have to create a free account if you are new to the platform
  2. Select your check in wheel
  3. Complete the check in questions
  4. Share with a friend
  5. Discuss
  6. Set goals, intentions and key actions to support your wellbeing

Check In Here

Hear directly from iyarn founder, Lockie Cooke:

About zero2hero

zero2hero educates, engages and empowers young people to be resilient mental health heroes in the community. Through our programs, we equip young people with the tools and skills required to support their own mental health and prevent suicide in their community.

Our programs aim to unleash the heroes of today, to become the leaders of tomorrow in the campaign to promote good mental health throughout their communities.

About iyarn

iyarn was inspired from the word Liyarn of the Western Kimberley Saltwater people on the Dampier Peninsula, who ‘yarn’ together and connect through conversation.

When the community connects they ask, “How is your liyarn” a path leading into a deeper conversation that can be explained in a variety of ways.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or issues about completing the form please contact

The Step by Step Guide

Below are the screens you will see to firstly sign up and to then sign in to complete a check in.

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iyarn completed finish.png