Checking in on Sydney’s Business Community

Checking in on Sydney’s Business Community

Penrith CBD Corporation and the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce have just completed the first stage of an initiative to keep in touch with their members during 2020.

It’s a great initiative from the two organisations to see how the local businesses community has coped in the current climate.

Simon Gould, from the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce announced the initiative in the lead up to R U OK? Day:

At Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce we’re excited to be working with the Penrith CBD Corporation and iyarn to check in on our local businesses to see how they’re coping in the current climate.

iyarn has given us a way of connecting with them quickly to get a feel for how they’re travelling at the moment so we can implement systems and programmes to help fill in any gaps that are identified. It’s quick, totally customisable and can be done anonymously so it’s totally non threatening to respondents.

I feel iyarn has the ability to deliver real outcomes for organisations of all kinds in the private and public sectors.

Simon Gould

The Results are In

This check in used the anonymous wheel feature we launched in August to encourage participation and start a conversation in the local community.

Summary results are provided below and full details of the segment descriptions are provided below:

Results showed the Penrith community was performing strongest in relation to managing productivity and communication with staff, and managing staff wellbeing during the business interruptions. The community was also highly appreciative of government support that had been available.

The community showed lower scores for adjusting marketing efforts and putting in place new business strategies to cope with the new challenges.

The community’s lowest scores were in relation to having strategies in place to cope with the economic challenges anticipated in the coming months, and managing the physical wellbeing of business leaders during this time.

This is valuable feedback that will help the two organisations better support their members.

A Quick and Easy Way to Engage

Gai Hawthorn, CEO of Penrith CBD Corporation found the experience quick and easy engage with the local community through iyarn:

Working with iyarn to survey our local businesses and check in during Covid was the easiest experience to manage.

Lockie and team were professional and extremely patience and helpful, as we learned more about the iyarn app and the advantages it offered to check in on our local Penrith businesses. 

I highly recommend having a yarn with Lockie and joining in on an opportunity to check your staff and clients are doing OK or even use for family and friends. It’s an easy way to stay in contact and an effective way to show your business cares.

Gai Hawthorn

Starting an Important Conversation

iyarn founder Lockie Cooke was stoked to help the Penrith community and looks forward to future conversations.

It was special to be able to create safe spaces for the business owners in Penrith to give feedback to the Chamber and CBD corporation through the iyarn app.

It stimulated some meaningful conversations that is now influencing the way how the community is being served and supported in the post COVID world.

Lockie Cooke

More Information on Check Ins for Your Community

The Penrith Business Community were enthusiastic early adopters of iyarn’s check ins. They’s focus was building a check in to help them understand the health of the local business community and better target their services and resources.

A demonstration of their check in is below.

The check in used the following segments:


During Covid-19 have you pivoted your marketing to meet the challenges?


How well have you managed your physical wellbeing during Covid-19?


How integral has the government support been to your business during Covid-19?


With changing working arrangements due to Covid-19, how well have you managed productivity and communication with your staff?


Do you have business strategies in place to cope with the economic challenges anticipated in the coming months?


How well are you coping with the Covid-19 restraints and regulations placed on your business?


How well have you managed you and your staffs wellbeing during Covid-19?

Want More Information?

Contact us if you’d like more information on how you can start a conversation in your community.

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