Holiday Focus: Connection

Holiday Focus: Connection

We’ve been all about Friendship throughout December, but as we move into the holiday season surrounding Christmas and New Years, we’re shifting the focus to ‘connection’.

Connection is key!

There are huge benefits to being connected! Connection is the foundation for love and friendship. It’ll make you physically and mentally healthier, help you to grow as a person and help your team flourish. Read more at our dedicated article on connection.

Getting Connected

Once you’ve done all the planning, organising and reaching out, what about the the actual conversation, the moment of connecting itself?

It can be hard to connect with people you don’t know very well. Sometimes it can be even harder to connect deeply with those closest to you. It’s easy to fall into standard patterns of communicating with people we’re comfortable with. We often confuse connecting with talking.

Take advantage of the Christmas season and the merriment of Christmas day to explore some deeper connections in your communication.

Take small talk up to real connection. In connection everyone can contribute, and their voice is heard. Naturally ideas are surfaced and this creates greater energy and engagement. This isn’t a time to offer solutions or advice. You don’t need to immediately fix problems that arise. The process of connecting in itself is a positive force.

Fundamental to connecting, is for you to focus on listening. This will push you to ask better questions. Dive deeper, what is the second or third question you can ask on a particular topic?

To come full circle in your exploration of connection, be sure to acknowledge what’s been shared. Make those around you feel seen, heard and appreciated for their honesty.

Connected people:

  • INVOLVE others
  • CREATE space, time and support
  • GROW positivity and energy

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