Launch of the Podcast: iyarn Yarns!

Launch of the Podcast: iyarn Yarns!

We’re into the world of podcasts!

Over the coming months, we’ll be airing a series of podcasts about connection, self reflection, personal learning and growth.

Follow along with iyarn Founder Lockie Cooke from our main site on Podbean.

We’re also available on all the main podcasting platforms.

Special Guests:

  1. Annie Fogarty – Australian of the Year Finalist
  2. Jesse Phillips – Australian Sprint Canoeist
  3. Len Collard – Noongar Elder, Professor & Australian Research Council Chief Investigator
  4. Kosta Lucas – independent researcher and civil society professional in the area of counter terrorism
  5. Dr Neale Fong – Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of Bethesda Health Care
  6. Christian Zurakowski – Our Youngest Yarner
  7. Liv Gamble – Teacher and Head of Sports at 25
  8. Will Kaye – Managing Director at OK Media Group & Hivo
  9. Jordan Fogarty – Founder & CEO of Be Media
  10. Scott Wilson – Entrepreneur, Creative & Mental health Advocate
  11. Dan Collins – 4x Olympian, sports advisor and thought leader
  12. Mike Dyson – Rites of Passage Facilitator & Founder of Good Blokes Co
  13. Michael Booth – 3x SUP World Distance Champion
  14. Dr. Arne Rubinstein – The Rites of Passage Institute Founder and CEO
  15. Jamie Clough – 60 Million Bees & Entrepreneurship
  16. Troy Douglas – Co-CEO & Founder of Nexba
  17. Josh Fergus – Rites of Passage & Alternative Living
  18. Nick Hudson – The Push Up Challenge Founder
  19. Tommaso D’Orsogna – Olympic Medalist Swimmer

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