How iyarn Meets the Needs of Different Learners 

How iyarn Meets the Needs of Different Learners 

Adaptability across educational levels

One of iyarn’s standout features lies in its adaptable and customisable framework, seamlessly catering to various educational levels. From primary schools to higher education institutions, iyarn provides a customisable platform that educators can tailor to suit the distinct dynamics of each learning stage. 

Educators can not only customise the segments of a wheel that students are checking in on, they can customise the questions they ask with each segment description. Educators can also adjust the scale that the learners are checking in on depending on what would work best for each learner. The frequency of the check ins are also up to each educator individually. 

Catering to special education needs

As mentioned above, the customisation of iyarn allows teachers to really meet the needs and level of each student. The results from students’ check ins will allow teachers to make informed decisions based on evidence rather than assumptions. Educators can identify patterns, trends, and areas that require attention. This evidence-based approach ensures that interventions and strategies are targeted and aligned with the student’s specific needs.

Individualised progress tracking

Any individual who has worked in Special Education or with students who need additional intervention knows that progress tracking is key. In fact, progress tracking is required by law. iyarn’s  tracking capabilities enable teachers to monitor the development of skills, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate milestones. Analysing this data can be used in the creation of individualised instructional plans that cater specifically to the student’s learning style, pace, and requirements. Schools often operate within resource constraints, and effective data collection assists in optimising resource allocation.

Effective communication and collaboration

Insights from iyarn facilitate effective communication and collaboration among members of the special education team, including teachers, therapists, parents, and support staff. Shared data provides a common understanding of the student’s needs, progress, and challenges, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone is working towards the same goals.

User perspectives

Educators who have embraced iyarn attest to its efficacy in catering to diverse needs. 

One school’s Specialist Learning Program for Students with Autism uses iyarn with their students.

An educator from this school says about iyarn, , 

“As a teacher of students with autism, iyarn gives my staff and I an easy and accessible check in system for all students to complete. The information shared gives us an understanding of how they are feeling emotionally and physically and what expectations we can expect from the students. iyarn shares information easily, and instantly identifies when our students are happy and regulated and or if we need to put in any interventions or support before we expect work output. A great program for all!”

Check in assist feature

A new feature allows the admin of a wheel to enter the check in data on behalf of the member of the wheel. This feature is called check in assist and can be completed from the admin’s account on the admin’s device for each member of the wheel individually. This feature was created particularly for those working with individuals who have disabilities, learning difficulties. 

Read more about how to use this feature here

A tool for everyone

The ease of customisation empowers educators to create an environment where students can feel seen, heard, and supported no matter what their unique learning needs or levels are. iyarn is an inclusive tool that can be used to support student wellbeing and caters to individuals of varying ability levels.

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