iyarn and Bardi Jawi: Co-Designing Connections for Community Well-being

iyarn and Bardi Jawi: Co-Designing Connections for Community Well-being

In the heart of Australia’s push towards technological innovation lies iyarn, a platform that embodies the essence of connection and cultural sensitivity, especially for First Nation Australians. Created in close partnership with the Bardi Jawi people and founder Lockie Cooke, iyarn emerges from a 15-year collaboration that deeply respects indigenous knowledge and practices, ensuring the platform’s relevance and cultural alignment.

iyarn’s development process with the Bardi Jawi showcases true co-creation, blending technology with indigenous wisdom to support peer mentoring, data insights, and community engagement. This culturally attuned platform effectively bridges traditional and digital connections, resonating with the indigenous community.

Hear what the Bardi Jawi Community thinks of the iyarn tool and its reflection of their traditions and values in promoting connectivity and support:

The impact of iyarn is significant across indigenous organizations like the Kimberley Land Council, Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation (KRCIC), Langford Aboriginal Association, and especially Wunan (read more about Wunan’s involvement with iyarn here).

Michelle Bailey from Wunan Foundation highlights the alignment between iyarn’s mission and their goals, stating,

“We joined forces with iyarn, whose ethos is to enable purposeful social and emotional well-being check-ins and provide a safe place where individuals can flourish.”

iyarn distinguishes itself with its innovative approach and commitment to inclusive environments where every voice matters. Its user-friendly platform facilitates meaningful conversations and support, enhancing community cohesion and showcasing the power of culturally informed technology.

iyarn stands as a symbol of the benefits of collaborating with First Nation peoples, significantly improving community well-being. Its partnership with the Bardi Jawi community demonstrates the potential of putting First Nation people at the centre of support.

Connect and Empower Your Community

iyarn offers free trials for First Nation groups and discounted licenses for community groups aiding First Nation communities. Experience iyarn’s transformative impact—connect with us to begin your journey.

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