Lynne Strong – the power of iyarn as a tool for young people in regional Australia

Lynne Strong – the power of iyarn as a tool for young people in regional Australia

Lynne Strong is a collaboration specialist who thrives on delivering education programs designed to put young people at the centre of the learning experience.

Check out the short video below to hear Lynne share how iyarn can help individuals think about where they and their peers are at, and connect to people.

Lynne is passionate about

  • Building the capacity of young people to thrive in business and life.
  • Using agriculture as a lens and working with champions and clusters of organisations and schools to provide educational equity and excellence for all young Australians
  • All young Australians having equal opportunity to be successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. Under the banner of Picture You in Agriculture, Lynne has brought together a team of experts to help young people develop the innovative ideas, tools and relationships they need to create the next exciting chapter in the future of Australia’s agri-sector.

Picture You in Agriculture delivers the schools’ based project learning programs – The Archibull Prize and Kreative Koalas and the personal and professional development program – the Young Farming Champions.

Lynne sees herself as a matchmaker – she connects people through partnerships with young people to design and deliver programs that let people find their special talents and connect them with others who share their vision and can inspire them to take action together Lynne has a grass roots background. At its peak Lynne Strong’s award-winning family farming operation proudly provided the milk for 50,000 Australian breakfasts every day. Lynne’s role as the powerhouse behind the business has seen her win some of agriculture’s most prestigious awards including the inaugural Bob Hawke Landcare Award, the National Landcare Primary Producer Award, as well as being both a Eureka Prize and Banksia Award finalist.

Lynne’s other accolades include:

  • 2017 Australia Day Ambassador
  • 2016 Australian of the Year Nominee
  • 2015 Merial Howard Yelland Award Winner
  • 2014 Women in Australian Agriculture Top 100
  • 2013 Green Innovation in Agriculture Award Winner
  • 2012 NSW Rural and Regional Development Award Winner
  • 2011 NCCARF Climate Adaptation Champions Award
  • 2010 National Landcare Primary Producer of the Year
  • 2008 Regional Hero
  • 2005 Kiama Electorate Woman of the Year

Lynne has a vision for agriculture as the strong, prosperous, vibrant and climate resilient building block underpinning the health and happiness of Australia’s landscape and people. To help achieve this Lynne is now harnessing her experience and personal fire to ignite and uplift the leaders of the future. Visit

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