Pulse Surveys Made Simple!

Pulse Surveys Made Simple!

Pulse surveys should be simple, powerful tools that bring timely insight to managers.

Find out how you can make pulse surveys a part of your team, quickly and easily, in this article.

What is a Pulse Survey?

Pulse surveys are short surveys completed on a frequent basis, whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. They’re intended to track the status of a team or a company.

Think of a pulse surveys as a quick health check. They can be finished in a few minutes and they’ll typically focus on only a handful of short questions.

Pulse surveys are intended to be frequent, and that’s part of the reason they are intentionally short. Checking in frequently is a way to get feedback and fine-tune the performance of a group.

What are the Benefits of a Pulse Survey?

Pulse surveys are a way to catch issues before they become major problems. In the modern age of business, change is constant and feedback can really help to keep on track.

Pulse surveys work extremely well with 1-on-1 meetings, adding valuable insight and assisting managers to prepare. The insights from pulse surveys are often the starting point for important breakthroughs.

Rather than waiting for an annual performance review to provide feedback, pulse surveys provide a much quicker and less intimidating channel for dialogue.

When done regularly, pulse surveys are a great way to build a culture of openness and improvement. They demonstrate that the views of team members are valued and that management are receptive to innovation or ideas to improve.

Over the long term, embracing pulse surveys can build a connection between managers and team members. This connection has many benefits, including better employee engagement and reduced presenteeism. They can also help as part of a company’s approach to mental health in the workplace.

What are the Questions in a Typical Pulse Survey?

Pulse surveys will usually include quantitiative and qualitative questions about a range of important topics.

At the core of a pulse survey is usually a quantitative rating of a team member’s satisfaction and qualitative comments that expand on the most relevant topics.

These topics can vary, but might include:

  • The personal progress of the team member
  • The satisfaction with the overall company
  • Feedback on barriers, or support that would help
  • Suggested changes to improve the team or the company

How can I Set Up a Pulse Survey Quickly and Easily?

iyarn has been built for pulse surveys that can be finished in a flash and yield powerful insights.

We’ve built iyarn to foster connection and improve the performance of teams.

Reach out to us at iyarn for a demo or feel free to start a free account to get started right away.

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